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Business Property and Liability Insurance

Whether you own a small "Mom & Pop" type of company, or a thriving machine shop, Chu & Associates has a competitive insurance program for you.

CA offers General Liability Insurance, Business Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Bonds for companies. Professional Liability Insurance is available for certain classes of businesses as well.

We have programs that are customizable for most businesses, including, but not limited to:

Restaurant Insurance

Contact us at 330-854-9010 for a quote!

business auto insurance

Commercial Auto

If you are using a vehicle in the course of doing business, you should be written on a commercial auto policy or have business use rated on your personal auto policy.

Should you be involved in an accident while using your auto for business, you may find that your accident, and the expenses related to it, ARE EXCLUDED. Incidental use is fine, but using your personal auto for delivery services, hauling cargo, or towing business trailers should be rated as such.

Business Umbrella

Business Umbrellas (Excess Liability Policies)

If you own a business, it is likely that you would benefit from having a business umbrella policy.

This provides your business with additional protection over and above the limits of each of the the policies written under the "umbrella". This coverage applies whenever you OR your employees is at fault for a loss to someone else.