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Life Insurance for You and Your Employees

If you are a benefits coordinator for a company, large or small, we can also put together packages for your employees. You can choose from Voluntary or Involuntary programs. Aren't sure which one is best for your employees? Ask Scott. He'll be happy to help you decide.

Group Life

Low cost group options provide security in the event of the ultimate loss.

key man insurance

Key Man Insurance

Congratulations! You've just landed the biggest project of your company's history! And this =>
guy? He's the lynchpin of the entire project. He has been involved since the beginning, understands what the clients want AND all of the details how to make it happen. Unfortunately for you (and him), he was involved in a fatal car accident on the way to work this morning.

Are you concerned about how your company would continue to function if you lost a key person? Maybe that person has a specific skillset that would be difficult to replace? We also offer "key man" life insurance. While nothing can replace that person, the coverage will provide a benefit to help your company get back on its feet and give you time and funds to help you find a suitable candidate for the job.

Protect your business as well as the integrity of the ownership by making sure all of the principals are covered via this life insurance option.

LifeWorks® from Erie Insurance

Lifeworks is unique. It is a completely voluntary life insurance program, which offers simplified underwriting (only 5 medical questions), requires no exams or tests, and the employee owns the policy. Coverage is available for the employee, spouse and dependent children. Contact us for more information about this unique program.