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Why You Need Business Auto Coverage

If you're not sure if you need a business auto policy, answer these five questions:

  1. Do you use your vehicle for work?
  2. Does your business deliver goods?
  3. Does your business own or lease vehicles?
  4. Do your employees drive company-owned vehicles?
  5. Do your employees use their personal vehicles for business?

If you answered yes, it's time to contact our agency about getting a business auto insurance policy. The coverage can help protect your business from damages caused by minor mishaps or serious accidents that a personal auto policy may not cover.

What We Offer

There are a variety of coverages to help protect you:

  • Owned Autos - Provides protection for claims arising out of ownership.
  • Hired Autos - Provides protection for a vehicle you or your employee rent or borrow for business.
  • Non-Owned Autos - Provides protection for partners, employees, or members of households using the vehicle for your business or personal affairs.
  • Temporary Substitute Autos - Provides protection when the vehicle you own is disabled and you're using another vehicle temporarily.
  • Newly Acquired Autos - Provides protection for new or additional autos acquired during the policy period.

Contact our agency today to learn more about the coverage.